Liberal Arts Core


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Guiding Principles and Underlying Assumptions
LAC Assessment Definitions
Four Step Direct Assessment Process
Assessment Report Template

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Administrative Policies

  1. Liberal Arts Core courses may be used to satisfy requirements for both the Liberal Arts Core program and the major, minor, and program emphasis
  2. Departments offering a liberal arts core course may preclude their major or minor students from taking that particular course to satisfy the requirements for the liberal arts core, the major, or the minor.
  3. Liberal Arts Core requirements can be met through CLEP examinations, departmental examinations and the Advanced Placement Program of the College Entrance Examination Board.
  4. CLEP examinations do not include the mandatory laboratory course requirement. A student who receives CLEP credit in both the physical and biological sciences shall be considered to have fulfilled the laboratory requirement.
  5. No Liberal Arts Core course may be taken for graduate credit.
  6. No Liberal Arts Core course may have a non-Liberal Arts Core course as a prerequisite.
  7. All courses taken to meet liberal arts core requirements must be taken for graded credit.