Liberal Arts Core

Excellence in Liberal Arts Core Teaching Award

There will be at least one award for excellence in Teaching in the Liberal Arts Core. The following criteria and selection procedures will be used to determine the recipients of the award(s). The selection process will take place during the spring semester, with the presentation of the award at the annual all faculty meeting in the fall semester. Faculty recipients of the award may choose to accept the award as supplies-and-services funds to offset expenses for curricular development and/or research or creative activities, or as a monetary award. 

Eligibility and Criteria

1. All instructors of LAC courses including adjunct instructors, tenure track and tenured faculty are eligible for consideration. Only individuals who have been employed at UNI for at least 3 years and teach regularly in the LAC are eligible.  Also eligible are those individuals who are on a leave-of-absence during consideration, and those who are in their final year of employment prior to retirement. An individual many receive the Excellence in LAC Teaching Award only once.

2. The emphasis for this award is placed on the overall quality of teaching in the LAC, which is not limited to the classroom. Outstanding teaching also includes assisting students outside of the classroom and demonstrating serious commitment to academic excellence and individual student needs, interests and development.

3. Distinguished teaching in the LAC shall be measured by items such as significant teaching activities, both inside and outside of the classroom; letters from current students, former students and faculty colleagues; evidence of curriculum development activity; student assessments over time; and high standards for rigor and currency of course content. 

Selection Procedures

1. The LAC Director invites faculty and students to nominate LAC instructors who merit consideration for the Award. A letter of nomination should be emailed to the John Ophus at by April 8, 2018. Hard copies can be sent through campus mail to mail code 0460. 

2. The LAC Director will contact nominees to determine their willingness to be considered for the award. Candidates must submit all required materials by April 25, 2018. 

In consultation with the LAC Committee, the LAC Director will appoint the Award Committee. The Award Committee will consist of the following--three faculty members either from the LAC Committee, from faculty who teach in the LAC, or from previous award winners, and two student members selected by NISG. The Awards Committee has the following responsibilities:

A. To collect the following nomination materials from each nominee:

1. A current vita and written statement of not more than 500 words describing the nominee's philosophy of teaching LAC courses.

2. Arrange for three letters of recommendation indicating how the nominee's teaching in the LAC meets the criteria for consideration of the award to be sent to the LAC Director or be included in the information packet submitted by the nominee.  Letters should come from individuals familiar with the nominee's LAC teaching and can include current and former students as well as colleagues and administrators.

3. A maximum of three documents supportive of the award criteria (e.g. LAC curriculum materials).

4. Copies of student assessments from at least 2 recently taught LAC courses

B. To review all materials and, based upon the materials gathered, to rank the nominees and recommend award recipients.

C. To report its ranked list and recommendations for awards to the Liberal Arts Core Director and the LAC Committee for its final decision. The Awards Committee's report shall remain confidential.