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Liberal Arts Core

Excellence in Liberal Arts Core Teaching Award Recipient

Dr. John Burnight

Dr. John Burnight has become a dynamic member of the Department of Philosophy and World Religions. Dr. Burnight started his career at the University of Northern Iowa as a Visiting Assistant Professor and became an Assistant Professor of Religion in the Fall of 2012. Students appreciate Dr. Burnight’s passion for teaching, and making class content understandable and relatable. Dr. Burnight strives to provide clear, well-organized presentations, which have gained attention from students. He encourages students to their best academically, by administering demanding, but extremely interesting courses. Rather than simply reading course texts, Dr. Burnight challenges students to actively participate and develop complex problem solving skills. He is highly connected with students outside of class as well, including his role as the Faculty Advisor for the Explorers of Religion group on campus. Students consistently note that his enthusiasm and passion helps foster their own excitement for learning.


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