Liberal Arts Core

Adding Capstone Courses

Currently existing and new, experimental courses may be proposed for the Capstone  Experience Category of the Liberal Arts Core (LAC) according to the guidelines given below.  It is recommended that courses be proposed well in advance of their initial offering as a Capstone Experience course.  Due to the timeline that is typically required for scheduling, a proposal should be made at least one year before the semester it is expected to be first offered for Capstone Experience credit.

The following guidelines should be followed:

  1. Submission of a “Liberal Arts Core Course Proposal” form (WordPDF).  The form should also include a proposed syllabus and/or thorough course description indicating how the course would be appropriate for a Capstone Experience course.  
  2. The course proposer(s) meets with the LACC to discuss the proposal.  This will be scheduled by mutual agreement by the course proposer(s) and the LAC Coordinator.

  3. The LACC will determine, based upon information provided by the course proposer(s) via steps (a) and (b) whether the course is appropriate for inclusion into the LAC as a Capstone Experience course.  If further information is required, this will be conveyed to the proposer(s) by the LAC Coordinator and then presented to the LACC at the earliest convenience.

  4. If an existing course is approved as a Capstone Experience course by the LACC, a proposal to include the course in the LAC will be forwarded to the Faculty Senate.

    If a new course is approved as a Capstone Experience course by the LACC, it may be offered a maximum of three times as an experimental course.  If the proposer(s) would like the course to be included in the university curriculum, the regular procedure for adding a course to the UNI curriculum should be followed.

  5. Once the course proposal has been docketed and placed on the Faculty Senate agenda, the LAC Coordinator and course proposer(s) should be available at the Senate meeting to provide information concerning the course and address any issues that may arise during discussion in the Faculty Senate meeting.

  6. If the Faculty Senate approves the course for inclusion into the LAC as a Capstone Experience Course, the LAC Coordinator will inform the proposer(s), their department(s), their Dean(s) and the Registrar’s office of the course’s status in the LAC.