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Liberal Arts Core

LAC Category Review

The Liberal Arts Core (LAC) is divided into the following category review areas:

Category 1: Core Competencies (1A, B, C, D)
Category 2: Civilizations and Cultures (2A, B)
Category 3: Fine Arts, Literature, Philosophy, and Religion (3A, B)
Category 4: Natural Science and Technology (4A, B)
Category 5: Social Science (5A, B, C)
Category 6: Capstone Experience

Category reviews will take place for each category of the LAC during the following academic years:

Category 5 - 2008-09
Category 6 - 2009-10
Category 1 - 2010-11
Category 2 - 2011-12
Category 3 - 2012-13
Category 4 - 2013-14
Category 5 - 2014-15
Category 6 - 2015-16

Purposes of the Review:
  1. To inform the Liberal Arts Core Committee of the program's operation.

  2. To promote collective adherence to the philosophy of the Liberal Arts Core.

  3. To identify areas of concern and propose solutions.

  4. To review student outcomes assessment plans and data and make recommendations.

Procedures for the Review:
  1. A review of each area will occur approximately once every six years or as mandated by the LAC Committee.

  2. A Category Review Team will be appointed by the appropriate collegiate dean(s) from those faculty closely associated with the category by March 1.

  3. The Category Review Team will participate in meetings with the Student Outcomes Assessment Subcommittee of the LAC Committee by March 31st to discuss the review process and student outcomes assessment planning.

  4. A member of the LAC Committee will be assigned as a liaison to the Review Team to communicate the responsibilities of the Review Team, provide references (e.g., catalog statements, examples of past reviews, published statements of goals for the category, etc.), and facilitate meeting deadlines.

  5. Required Category Review Team Procedures:
    Review and revise, if necessary, category goals, outcomes and competencies.

    Review and revise, if necessary, category descriptions and statements for syllabi.

    Review and revise, if necessary, student outcomes assessment plan.

    Analyze student outcomes assessment data.

    Conduct faculty and student analyses of courses.

    Conduct an analysis of enrollment data.

    Give an oral report to the LAC Committee by December 1.

    Submit a draft report to the LAC Committee by March 1.

    Participate in a consultative session with LAC Committee by April 1.

    Submit final report to the LAC Committee and the appropriate
    College Dean(s) by May 1.

  6. Category Review Report Content:
    Statement of the category and subcategory goals, outcomes and competencies.

    Discussion of the extent to which the goals of the category have been met and continue to be relevant to the goals of the Liberal Arts Core.

    Analysis of the category description and course syllabi statements.

    Analysis of the student outcomes assessment plan and data.

    Analysis of an enrollment record according to courses, credit hours, student profiles, class size, percentage of credit hours taught by tenure/tenure tack faculty.

    Completion of a Liberal Arts Core Course Form by the Category Review Team in consultation with relevant faculty and administrators for each course in the review area.

    An executive summary of the review area including successes and challenges and specific recommendations. These recommendations may include such things as improving consistency within the review area, staffing, facilities, equipment, meeting student needs, areas of on-going concerns, etc.

  7. As a result of the review, the LAC Committee will make recommendations to the University Faculty Senate and appropriate University administrators in order to enhance and support the review areas and the entire Liberal Arts Core. Such recommendations will be made in consultation with interested persons. The Committee will furnish the Senate with a copy of the final review along with the LAC Committee Review Summary.


Approved 11-20-91
Amended 12-11-95
Amended 4-01-01
Amended 10-19-01
Amended 1-17-02
Amended 2-28-03
Amended 3-11-05