Liberal Arts Core

LAC Category 1C Goals and Outcomes

1C. Quantitative Techniques and Understanding

    Goal 1:  Make sense of quantitative information.

    Outcome 1: Interpret information from verbal, graphical, numerical, and algebraic perspectives used to describe or model quantitative situations.      

    Goal 2: Use appropriate mathematical tools/techniques to work with quantitative information.

    Outcome 1: Represent and manipulate quantitative information, using standard mathematical conventions, to clarify meaning.

    Outcome 2: Draw correct conclusions from quantitative information and construct valid arguments to justify them.

    Goal 3: Value mathematics as a natural way to approach and address questions that arise in daily life, the workplace, and society.

    Outcome 1: Recognize the broader definition of mathematics.

    Outcome 2: Increase mathematical confidence as it is applied to daily life and lifelong learning.