Liberal Arts Core


LAC Requirements

Minimum of 45 hours required

Category 1: Core Competencies

12 hours required

Courses in written and oral communication enhance students' abilities to read and listen critically and to write and speak effectively by attention to how the gathering, analyzing, and presenting of evidence and conclusions can be designed for specific purposes and audiences. Courses in quantitative techniques enhance students' abilities to use quantitative data effectively and to apply relevant mathematical and statistical concepts and methods to diverse problems and situations. Personal wellness promotes the acquisition of knowledge and the development of skills and attitudes necessary for implementing positive health-related decisions.

(Students should complete 1A, 1B and 1C in their first year)


  • A.  Reading and Writing 3 hours required


  • B. Speaking and Listening (collapsible to show appropriate courses)
    3 hours required
  • C. Quantitative Techniques and Understanding (collapsible to show appropriate courses)
    3 hours required
  • D. Personal Wellness (collapsible to show appropriate courses)
    2-3 hours required