Liberal Arts Core

Why Do I Have to Take These Courses?

A strong liberal arts foundation helps students develop a sense of social responsibility as well as intellectual and practical skills. Students need to be equipped with broad knowledge in a variety of areas, in addition to knowledge in a specific major, in order to gain the necessary skill set expected in real-world settings. The following are examples of what a high-quality 21st century education should emphasize:

  • BROAD LEARNING about science, society, technology, human diversity, and global cultures and interdependence
  • INTELLECTUAL SKILLS that support evidence-based reasoning and innovation— including analysis, communication, critical and creative thinking, quantitative fluency, information literacy, and collaborative problem solving
  • PERSONAL AND SOCIAL RESPONSI­BILITY including ethical reasoning, civic and democratic knowledge and engagement, global acumen, and the capacity to work productively with diverse people and perspectives
  • INTEGRATIVE AND ADAPTIVE LEARN­ING including the demonstrated ability to apply knowledge, skills, and responsibilities to complex problems and new settings