Liberal Arts Core


The Liberal Arts Core is central to a UNI education. Students and parents often have questions about the Liberal Arts Core courses and the reasons for having a Liberal Arts Core.

Liberal Arts Meeting

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the Liberal Arts Core?

What are employers looking for in a new college graduate?

Why do I have to take these courses?

How do I transfer Liberal Arts Core credit?


Additional Questions?

Students can receive more information from the following sources:

                              Academic Advising: instructions on how to find out who your advisor is and how to register for courses.

                                      Academic Learning Center: Tutors are available for many Liberal Arts Core courses, view the current semester's UNI Tutoring Services brochure.


                           Resources for Students                        

Career Services

Library Website

The Learning Center @ Rod Library

Counseling Services

Liberal Arts Core in the News